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Han Hit a hole in one on #3! He was using a Pitching Wedge! Congrats Han! 


Gary Casteel hit a hole in one on #3! 122 yards using a 9 iron! Congrats! 

Congratulations to Baek Ki Kim with a hole in one on #14! He aced this hole at 164 yards using a 6 iron! Way to go! 

Congratulations to Gary Wesolowski for his first ace on #14! He used a 4 hybrid from the white tees. Nice shot! 

Congratulations to Jeff Quinn for his hole in one on #3! 115 yards out using a pitching wedge did the trick! Way to go! 

One of our favorite members, Alec Douglass, aced #14 yesterday from 157 with an 8 iron.  This was the first swing of the day for Alec.  No better way to start a round off!  Congratulations.


Darrell "Pickle" McCracken acced the 11th hole from 161 yards with his new trusty 5 iron.  Congratulations Darrell!

Congratulations to Scott Fitzsimons on his hole in one on #3!  Scott used an A wedge from 120 yards for his third career ace, nice shot!!

Congratulations to Jake Streitman on the first hole in one of his young golfing career!  Jake used a 9 iron from 115 yards on the third hole during a playing lesson with Aviara Golf Professional Cesar Hernandez, well done Jake!!

Congratulations to Daryl Hatchett, who aced hole number three, for his fourth hole in one of his career, nice shot Daryl!

Congratulations to Laura Zhou on her hole in one using a 5 hybrid on #14 during a playing lesson! What a shot!

Our first hole in one of 2019 belongs to Tom Storey.  He aced #3 with a 9 iron and it flew directly into the hole without any bounces.  A true SLAM DUNK!  Great shot!


Congratulations to Ken Taylor on his second hole in one of his golfing career with an ace on #3 from 114 yards with a 9 iron. Nice shot! 

Congratulations to Aviara Golf Club Member, Kirk Ketcherside! He aced #11 with a 5 iron! Way to go! 

Congratulations to Cecilia Goodman on the 3rd hole in one of her career!  She aced #3 with her 8 iron from 95 yards.  Keep it up!

Congrats to Sonya Brown-Conner on acing the 3rd hole with her Pitching Wedge from 130 yards.  Great shot!

Congratulations to Elaine Galozo on her second hole in one!  She aced the 6th hole at Aviara with her 5 iron.  Nice work!

Congratulations to Michael Martelli on his ace on #14 during our Member Stroke Play Championship!  He hit a 5 iron from 190 yards.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to Joseph Fazio on his ace on #3 from 109 yards out with a 9 iron. Great Shot!

Ed Wicorek had a Hole in One on the beautiful #14 at Aviara Golf Club!  He hit a 6 iron from 164 yards to find the bottom of the cup.  Great shot!

San An recorded a Hole in One on the Par 3 6th hole playing 205 yards with his hybrid!  Congratulations San and thank you for playing Aviara Golf Club!

Jim Thorsfeldt (black shirt) had the second hole in one of his life on hole #14, using a 6 iron from 175 yards!  Congratulations and thank you for playing Aviara Golf Club!

11 year old Yana Wilson had an Albatross on the downhill Par 4 16th hole.  She hit a driver from 290 yards and found the bottom of the cup.  Congratulations Yana!


Congratulations to Simin Feng on your hole in one yesterday. What a great shot!

Congrats George Muller on your 'Ace' today. Hole # 14 with a 6 iron!! Well Done.

Congratulations to Gabby Norby on her 1st Hole in One (which also happened to be on her birthday!) Gabby drained an Approach Wedge from 107 yards on hole #3. Keep it up Gabby!

Congratulations to Gabe Gailbraith on his 1st Hole in One! Gabe aced hole #3 from 137 yards with a 9 iron.

Congrats John David for your ace on #6. Well done!!!

Congrats!! Kyung Joong Kim got an Albatross on #16 today playing from the Kia Tees. He used a driver.. good shootin
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